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We help you understand your competition on social networks

Social networks are uncertain and complex, Brandy helps you to visualize how your content performs versus your competition in real time with automatic reports and alerts

The digital world can be chaotic

We know, the world of social media and marketing is in real chaos. Keeping up with everything that is happening with your brand, your competition and your industry is complex.

Relying on others for information is inefficient and not very reliable. Is it transparent that whoever executes the strategies and campaigns measures their own success?

It seems that something as simple as a benchmark requires weeks of work. You don't have that time to waste.

Do not despair! With Brandy you can achieve the control you want, such as obtaining actionable digital metrics and basing your decisions on real data.


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Take control of the content of your brand and your competition

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Direct information
Receive the relevant insignia of your brand, industry and competition directly in your email.
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You will not depend on a third party who may have a conflict of interest when putting together a report.
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React in time to market movements and digital trends.
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We already tried the tools that didn't work for you

Brandy is simpler

Brandy by Admetricks is the main source of digital advertising monitoring in 19 Latin American countries.

We help more than 5,000 users to have a simple and clear visibility of their activity and that of their competition in the digital world.

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    Monitoring and Analysis

We know that it is really difficult to keep an eye on every single content from every competitor, which is why we developed the easiest way to view and compare content across all social media platforms.

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                Comparison with your industry

Teams that go beyond their own data generate a reliable comparison. Get a benchmark performance indicator to understand how your content compares with your industry.

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     Paid Collaborations and Influencers

Get visibility of the sponsored content that your competition is developing in the media or with influencers. Which are the top-performing collaborations and which pages are they sponsoring?

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                   Recommendations for Investing

By understanding how your posts are performing and how your audience interacts with similar industry posts, we'll make recommendations for you to get even more conversions with an informed boost.

Our clients speak for us

Know the opinion of our clients

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"Today Admetricks is an indispensable tool not only for those of us who live in the digital world but for any brand and / or agency that operates in today's hyper-connected world. It helps you better understand how categories and brands behave, so to define tactics and strategies to improve our performance in the market "
Patricio Ugarte
Director of Trading Digital at GroupM
"Admetricks helps us to put together a calendar by industry, know their seasonality, trends, etc. So we can anticipate proposals and related strategies. Nothing better than arriving prepared for a meeting and showing clients that we know their campaigns and those of their competitors."
Claudio Perez
Sales Manager, Top Clients at IMS

We work with trade associations to improve measurements in the region

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