Where and how  brands spend in online advertising

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Optimize your digital advertising budget.

We estimate Reach, frequency, GRP's, impressions, advertising spend and interaction that brands have in digital advertising.

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Digital ads captured every day

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You have problems
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of digital advertising?
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Ad Intelligence allows to know the market share of different brands in a category, to know the media plans of the competitors, to know the individual and incremental contribution that each medium contributes to the reach, to obtain GRP's to compare with offline media and to verify that the campaigns appeared in a medium.



Create better digital marketing strategies, media plans and results reports for your clients. Show them what your competition is doing in online advertising.



Improve your sales arguments by knowing in detail your clients' investment in other media and the scope that these media provide to your clients.



Discover the offers and campaigns that your competition is promoting. Receive alerts when your competition launches a new online advertising campaign.



As a transparent third party agent without conflicts of interest, Admetricks allows players in the digital marketing industry to verify that their campaigns are displayed on the sites and formats indicated.

Ad Intelligence

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Ad Intelligence is a market intelligence solution for online advertising, it allows you to know where and how much brands invest in Digital Advertising.

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Be in control of what happens in digital advertising.
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Receive alerts when new campaigns are launched.
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Find out about market participants in a category.
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Know the media plans of the campaigns.
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Receive alerts when new campaigns are launched.
Make better strategic decisions.

Reach & Frequency

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Ad Intelligence is the only tool that integrates Reach & Frequency measurements into your reports. So you can:

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Suggest more or less budget and reach Scope KPIs.
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Know the Scope and Frequency of all brands by category.
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Get GRPs to compare with offline media.
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Optimize the media mix considering common metrics.
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Generate cost efficiencies for media plans.
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Know the individual and incremental contribution of each medium within the reach of the brand.


We have a presence in more than 20 countries.

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Admetricks technology reaches large markets:

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Con Ad Intelligence podrás monitorear 24/7:


Ad types

Display and video



Mobile and Desktop



Investment, impressions and impact


Reach & Frecuency

Reach and frequency

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The largest base
data of the region.

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With data from 19 countries and growing, Ad Intelligence delivers high-quality online advertising investment information on different markets and industries around the world.

19 markets covered.
200 thousand monitored web pages.
6 million classified campaigns.
500 million advertisements analyzed.
Available via APIs.


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An interface
easy and powerful

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We provide an intuitive interface that offers a better experience to our users, helping them find the digital investment data they are looking for for their business, industry and market.

Save your searches as custom reports.
Receive these reports via email.
Download the information as PDF and in detail to Excel.
Receive alerts for new campaigns..
Online chat (with a human!) To answer questions instantly.

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Adjusted Valuation Model (AVM)™Rectángulo 49

It is our artificial intelligence model that uses trained predictive algorithms to estimate ad spend, campaign impressions, rates, and trends in the digital ad market.

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Our clients speak for us

Know the opinion of our clients

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"Today Admetricks is an indispensable tool not only for those of us who live in the digital world but for any brand and / or agency that operates in today's hyper-connected world. It helps you better understand how categories and brands behave, so to define tactics and strategies to improve our performance in the market "
Patricio Ugarte
Director of Trading Digital at GroupM
"Admetricks helps us to put together a calendar by industry, know their seasonality, trends, etc. So we can anticipate proposals and related strategies. Nothing better than arriving prepared for a meeting and showing clients that we know their campaigns and those of their competitors."
Claudio Perez
Sales Manager, Top Clients at IMS

We work with trade associations to improve measurements in the region

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