Data collection

The Best Data and a lot of it.

For more than 9 years we have delivered the most reliable and complete data to the online advertising market.

We capture and mix the best data available for the markets we cover that allows us to measure the digital world.

Ad Capture
We develop the technology to capture digital advertising that improves every day based on changes in the industry.
Similar Web
We are integrated with the audience information of millions of Similar Web websites.
We obtain data from global partners with associations, market research companies and measurement companies.
Contributors network
Media agencies, media outlets and advertising companies provide us with information.

100+ leading companies trust Admetricks


Market research leaders trust our data

+ 200.000

Websites monitored every day

+ 20 Countries

Measured by our technology

+ 1.200 profiles

From social networks monitored every day

+ 1 Million

Digital ads captured every day


Data Capture

We use different sources of information to capture the data that feed our tool.


Data processing

Admetricks technology manages and processes all the information received.


Information delivery

Through API keys we take all the information to the associated tools and present your data.


Adjusted Valuation Model (AVM)™

It is our artificial intelligence model that uses trained predictive algorithms to estimate ad spend, campaign impressions, rates, and trends in the digital ad market.

Methodology and reach & frequency

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Audience curves

Audience curves are key to obtain Reach & Frequency per website. Curves are dynamically constructed at the time a simulation is run as it depends on media plan impressions, devices, time, and websites.


Data Delivery

There are many ways to access our data

We work so that our clients can access data in the way that makes their work more efficient.

Web Tool
Our web tool allows you to generate searches by brand, industry, website. In addition to filtering by date and many more variables.
PDF and excel reports
Each user will be able to download the data to be analyzed in depth in .xlsx or .pdf formats.
Report by email
Each user will be able to subscribe in his mail to receive reports with the updated information and the frequency that he needs it.
Our clients will be able to access our data through API Rest and thus integrate it into their own tools..                                                                                                      Learn more about our API ->

Our clients speak for us

Know the opinion of our clients

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"Today Admetricks is an indispensable tool not only for those of us who live in the digital world but for any brand and / or agency that operates in today's hyper-connected world. It helps you better understand how categories and brands behave, so to define tactics and strategies to improve our performance in the market "
Patricio Ugarte
Director of Trading Digital at GroupM
"Admetricks helps us to put together a calendar by industry, know their seasonality, trends, etc. So we can anticipate proposals and related strategies. Nothing better than arriving prepared for a meeting and showing clients that we know their campaigns and those of their competitors."
Claudio Perez
Sales Manager, Top Clients at IMS

We work with trade associations to improve measurements in the region

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Learn With Us

Training Center

Courses with tools and information that will help you obtain competitive intelligence for your work. Get better results when using Admetricks solutions.

Admetricks Training center

Resource Library

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